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Wall comments

One giant public wall for general chat. The last 100 comments are displayed.

Kaitydo2 User is offline
2019-05-13 19:41:41


Bitmoji9 User is offline
2018-11-25 22:29:25

I used to use this website all the time. Came back and it is lonely now. I wonder what had happened with the other people that used this site.

2018-09-29 15:08:22

Hello :) here for the weekend!!

2018-07-02 22:07:41

Lesbian Party in Vancouver www.LezHookup.com

2016-11-02 06:52:55

Hello to all you sexy people. I'm new here and would love to chat meet and or make new friends.

2016-10-01 18:37:33

I was AISuki but got banned for spamming... Some hotties please message Me here!!! I need love so message Me!!!

2016-09-22 16:44:11

Im a noob too!!! I wanna eat da bum!!! LOL!!! Peep Me out, I am fun!!!

I am really bored of men men men, and had not had a girlfriend since highschool yo... I need one, I would call You Master and errrhing baby!!! f You need a ninja slave hustla in Your life then message Me!!!

SoulofaChild User is offline
2016-07-30 11:49:25

I have no idea how this works but.. my question.. as a tomboy/dyke lesbian, how do you usually get a girl ?or where ? Let's say you see a girl you like at the mall,yet you don't know her... do you strike up a conversation and get to know her or how do you guys do this ?? I am puzzled !! Help please.

2015-11-16 18:15:55

Hi guys! Just a newbie here. anyone who wants to chat email me, kyro02ph@yahoo.com

2015-10-24 13:32:28

Seeking friendship. Lives in Victoria BC. Likes easy hiking, movies and birdwatching. Employed.

2015-10-13 20:55:17

In Greenbrier, AR Usa... Hello everyone I'm really new to this so I'm not sure what to do but here it goes. I'm looking for someone to talk and maybe get to know each other a bit.

2015-09-08 05:31:32

In Jeffersonville, In., USA. Hello, how are you?

2015-09-02 13:47:31

I'm in Moncton NB. looking for love and a Domme. I want a life time commitment.

2015-08-22 21:48:51

Anyone in Surrey BC?

Dario27 User is offline
2015-08-22 18:13:38

Hello everyone :)
How is everyone ?
I wrote for some advice when it's answered do I get a email ?

2015-08-10 14:05:38

Hey everyone! I'm new here and spend a 4 weeks holiday close to victoria. I'd like to find some cool spots to hang out where I.can feel comfortable and meet nice people :)
Can someone help me to find such a place? That would be great! :)

TeAmo34 User is offline
2015-07-27 20:31:49

I wrote to Skippy so we can have this site reopened,hopefully she will get the message.If anyone of you know how to reach her quicker drop me a note.

We should vote who wants this site re-opened and running.


2015-06-30 20:37:05

Hey! Looking for peeps in SW Ontario area.

2015-06-20 23:57:39

Looking for some female friend from paterson nj to talk to and chill with

2015-06-01 08:16:09

Running Wild Camp- Out is a 3 day adult camping experience. It is an opportunity for the LGBT Community and Allies to celebrate self identity, embrace diversity, have tons o’fun, and make friends along the way. During this 3 day event there will be performers, workshops, contests, and music to keep you entertained. If a more relaxing experience is what you are looking for, feel free to engage in meditation; Hatha and/or Acro Yoga, chill on the dock, go for a swim in the lake, or unwind in the hot tub. We encourage laughter, creativity, self expression, respect and support for one another. Come celebrate with us!

2015-05-13 15:23:31

Just In Time For East Side Pride!
Lez Hookup is hooking up Davie Village!

Lesbian run and owned, Lez Hookup has been bringing the women of today a woman for tomorrow since 2008.
At one of our Lez Hookup Vancouver Speed Dating Events, you never have to wonder about missed opportunities because there won't be any -- You will meet everyone at the event.

Lez Hookup Presents
Girl-Girl Speed Dating at The Junction

Advance Registration is Required and Available at

KIKIBESS User is offline
2015-05-02 09:00:47


To audition TODAY!

We are looking for Lesbian teen couples to come down TODAY and audition for us for Project Modern Family. A beautiful commercial that celebrates the many ways Love and Family exist in today's world.

The Director (Dustin Lance Black - 'Milk') is a champion of Human Rights, especially LGBTQ, and so we know this project will be handled with grace, compassion and love.

It has been difficult reaching out to our young Lesbian community, and we are hoping you can help us find our young couple.

The spot will be about them attending their Grad together.
Super sweet.

Must be available for callbacks to meet Director on Wed, May 6.
And available for one of these Shoot Days - May 12 or May 13

(if not available Today - but Are available for callback/shoot, please Email us!!


Please PLEASE share with anyone in your community who you think may know someone who knows someone, or perhaps they have a Facebook page or blog or newsletter or instagram or or or! that they could share on.

The Vancouver Casting Team are ever grateful - as Always!

Thank you ..heart emoticon
... and may your Saturday be totally Deliciously Bubblicious!

‪#‎CastingCallVancouver‬ ‪#‎LesbianYouthVancouver‬ ‪#‎PrideVancouver‬ ‪#‎LgbtqVancouver‬ ‪#‎LesbianTeensVancouver‬ ‪#‎VancouverCasting‬ ‪#‎CastVancouver‬

2015-04-25 13:07:52

Just stopping by to say hi. I'm new here. I'm Jing.

2015-04-09 10:34:25

Wow...what a great time of year! Hope you all have a great summer!

2015-03-06 09:42:26

Lez Hookup Events is a Vancouver-based company owned and lesbian run. We are dedicated to bringing the women of today a woman for tomorrow.

Since 2008, we have and still provide women with a comfortable, fun way to meet other women in the community. With such popular events as our girl-girl speed dating events and Vancouver`s only message party for women, a Lez Hookup event is always a great and exciting place to be.

Meet over 15 single lesbians from Vancouver in one night at this event!

Saturday, April 4, 2015
7PM - 10PM
The Cove - 3681 W.4th Avenue, Vancouver

Advanced Registration is required and available at


2015-02-27 14:23:46

Hey folks..just came by to say hello n see if anyone's been by lately? Stay happy and positive! Xxx

2015-02-26 05:15:12

Hi..kinda new...

2015-02-08 03:39:58

anyone heading out tomorrow ? I am .

2015-02-04 15:04:55

I'm 23. Have a 5yo son, and never really questioned myself. But I was out last weekend for a friends bday and meet a girl. And I can't get her out my mind. Part of me just wanted to kiss her there and then on the dance floor, but I feel like it's not what is expected of me. I grew up with 11 older brothers and just 2 sisters-both with a huge age gap to me. So I'm quite boyish due to the male influence. But I'm so confused right now. I've never really enjoyed sex (with a man) but I'm also too scared to try with a women incase my family found out.....
Please help

2015-01-26 04:45:04

Is there any ladies out there that like to wheel just as much as I do . Looking for chill relaxed fun loving people to do such with:)

2015-01-16 05:12:17

Hey viciouslady1340 - Responding to your one comment about 3 months delayed... but yeah, I agree about the site. It's just too much for only one person to handle. I'd love to put a lot of work into it to get it back to what it used to be but would need help with that. I've offered to pay for help but it never seems to work out. If anyone is interested, let me know. I do hate that it's been in this condition for a while and can't believe it's been around for nearly 15 years now.

2015-01-15 21:38:45

Welcome new ladies hope you are all planning on going to the next Hershe event?

2015-01-11 22:20:51

Hey ladies I'm new here. Thought I'd stop by and say hi :)

2014-12-06 19:46:56


2014-10-27 16:55:06

It's such a shame this site was awesome before,first Lick closes then this how's a girl supposed to get a date .At least there is still Hershe events.

2014-10-05 13:53:53

I am new here trying to connect. Never did this before so new...

2014-10-05 07:59:11

Hey everyone! Just found this site and looking to meet some like-minded ladies in HFX, NS.

I think most of us can relate how hard it is to find romance when you're not visibly queer.

2014-09-24 02:38:29

Hi everyone, I am just getting started around here. Cheers!

2014-09-01 00:20:51

Hello to all :)

2014-08-25 15:13:12

I just started today but I plan on coming regularly. However I'm mostly just looking for friends, activity buddies and chat partners for the time being. I'm in the Vancouver area. Message me if you're interested and we can go from there. (Obviously you don't have to be in the Vancouver area to message me. ;) )

playswitheagles62 User is offline
2014-08-24 12:18:23

I see the last message is from July 20 - is anyone here regularly. I am new to this group and would like to connect with some wonderful women. Dating first but I am really ultimately looking for my soulmate.

2014-07-20 15:06:31

Pride is coming, and all my friends seem to be in relationships. Any single people want to get together and go to events as a group?

2014-07-17 20:25:45

Wanting friends to do things with if your interested message me on here thanks

2014-07-12 23:39:02

Hey everyone, I'm new to this site - heard of it through a friend - looking to meet a a woman to connect with as partners. Just thought I'd introduce myself.

dykeylou User is offline
2014-06-27 15:45:26

is there just a general chat room in here?

dykeylou User is offline
2014-06-27 15:42:47

hi all

Sexy_lips2014 User is offline
2014-06-26 17:03:33

Hey katiesheart35 I am from pei to

katiesheart35 User is offline
2014-06-25 02:05:38

Hey everyone. I'm new here tonight and looking to meet some new people and chat. I'm on Pei and wondering if there is anyone else here from the Island?

2014-06-23 19:42:57

So where online do the queer folk go now? This place seems like a ghost town...

BourgeoisDecadence User is offline
2014-06-10 21:59:11

It takes people to liven up a board! Where can a young lesbian connect with girls in Victoria or Vancouver?

2014-05-22 10:37:02

I think everyone moved over to some other form of social networking or something. I do miss my SuperDyke days though.

For anyone interested in Lesbian Speed Dating, we have an upcoming event in July. We do have many women who attend out events just looking for friends and to meet new people in the city. More details are on out website at www.LezHookup.com

2014-05-03 23:11:47

what happened? this used to be a lot of fun...

2014-04-10 13:50:28

any girls near montreal here

2014-04-01 23:49:49

Single and looking hit me up ladies

Karolina_F User is offline
2014-03-31 23:28:44


I am a psychologist from Poland in the process of conducting a study on the topic of Coming out and self and comfort with sexual identity. The study aims to explore the relationship between the 'coming out experience' of gay/ lesbian and bi-sexual adults and their self-comfort within sexual identity (measured with a questionnaire). The objective is to establish whether a positive 'coming out experience' influences the extend to which a person feels comfortable with their own sexual identity. It consists of 3 questionnaires that will be distributed among a German, Canadian and Polish sample to allow for a intercultural analysis of all of the components. The survey is online, completely anonymous, and will take about 15 minutes to complete. I'm having a lot of trouble with getting enough respondents from the Canadian sample and I would very much appreciate it, if you would like to help by completing the questionnaire and thus contribute to the current state of intercultural and comparative LGB literature which is still extremely limited.

The link to the survey: http://www.q-set.de/q-set.php?sCode=NZPGNDHEDKVF

Thank you for your time

2014-03-30 18:59:07

la la la....

2014-03-27 15:13:37

Looking for a good wowman I am single.

2014-03-23 13:29:00

hey where is everyone? yes, this site used to be more lively! it seems all my gal friends are nesting with each other. i'm looking for activity buddies in vancouver... drop me a note, kia

Senci User is offline
2014-03-22 02:40:00

Hi everyone, I'm not from Canada but I visit every year. I've met a lot of people there but only have a few friends and they are straight. I will be coming to Canada again this year for pride and I want to meet persons and hangout etc. I will be there from June 23 for 2 weeks and will be staying in downtown Toronto. If anyone is interested in meeting please send me message. We can probably get to know each other before I get there. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Alison25 User is offline
2014-03-21 09:18:33

Ever want to have a night where you can explore your desires, without any of the drama? We are holding an event on Friday May 16, for women only (couples or single) who want to flirt, mingle, connect or maybe play. For more information check-out: www.clubkeys.net/night-with-sappho.html

2014-03-20 19:26:02

hay gurl hay. this place is hoppin'.

2014-03-19 14:53:40

This is definitely not the site I remember it being. It's dead now. :-(

2014-03-08 23:36:14

Hello......ello.........llo.........lo.........o....... Nope I guess there's nobody here.

2014-03-05 13:15:21

Anyone interested in girl-girl speed dating, we have an upcoming event in Vancouver. Details at www.lezhookup.com

2014-03-02 21:38:26

Where can i meet pple?! this is the third sote i've tried!!! ahhhh!

CoCogrrl_7West User is offline
2014-02-28 13:33:38

Hi Jodine yes it use to be an awesome site but now looks like everyone moved out of town lol

2014-02-27 17:37:02

I must admit, this site has gone down hill. It's to bad because it use to be good.

CoCogrrl_7West User is offline
2014-02-27 05:45:48

Ghost town why not shut down this lousy site,no one is taking care of it anyways for almost 3 yrs.

2014-02-18 22:54:56

Hey everyone....just wanted to say HI
I am back in Vancouver now so if anyone wants to meet up for coffee or hang out, just message me.
It is nice to be back....any dances coming up?
Have a good day everyone

burbs_blonde User is offline
2014-02-15 15:06:30

Hello! I've been away for awhile (and discovered that all my friends are either straight or married). Looking to meet new people, so if anyone is going to the dance tonight at the Croatian Cultural Centre, come by and say hi!

2014-02-13 11:28:58

Single and looking message me

88_tee User is offline
2014-02-11 20:46:07

Hello everyone! :) Anyone around Van City here?

2014-02-08 22:10:03

Hello ladies I am new on here

2014-02-08 21:39:56

Ghost die lol there is always pot or porn sites for entertainment lol jk

2014-02-08 21:38:20

New to this site and I am looking for a good wowmam

2014-02-08 16:29:39

I'm here, booty, I'm here.

2014-02-08 09:46:02

Stopped by to say hello today...as usual..ghost town!

2014-01-24 07:12:33

Just signed up for PREMIUM access... to WHAT? Superdyke looks more like Ghostdyke. Very disappointing

2014-01-22 23:27:02

Hey everyone. I am new here in Abbotsford. What's up?

2014-01-19 19:27:10

Looking to join a women's soccer team in vancouver
Anyone know the best place for me to start?

2014-01-18 14:55:09

pussy, I really like your new picture. did you get a haircut?

2014-01-15 13:28:06

Hi, I am back in Hamilton after a long time away. There use to be Lesbian Dances at the YWCA on McNab street, does anyone know where they are held now?
Also trying to find a local Lesbian, Cindy, thin, short hair, glasses, if you are here or you think you might know her please contact me.
thanks so much

2014-01-13 11:38:32

I tried changing my pic and look what happened to me! lol

2014-01-12 13:32:03

yes, you must rotate it on your computer before uploading it to the site. use your picture viewer or something.

Teaky User is offline
2014-01-11 10:47:54

Hell. Anyone know how to rotate pics on here? Also does anyone know of any other good sites to check out? Have a great day :)

Teaky User is offline
2014-01-09 17:36:51


I'm new and from the Valley. Hope to meet some fun, interesting ladies for friends or more. Looks like some interesting stuff on this site. I look forward to meeting you gals.

2014-01-02 12:18:31

hey everyone..imma newbie here :) hope we can be friends :)

2013-12-31 01:28:12

ew gross, tell her to get the flipflop away from you.

2013-12-28 16:49:37

Just posted an article about the Top 10 people who positively influenced the gay

2013-12-14 21:03:11

Hey pretty girls ;)

CoCogrrl_7West User is offline
2013-12-13 09:54:46

Hi mustluvdogsCR sounds like it is more of an open relationship where you are looking for a complete relationship that is closed between the two of you.She did advise you she is bi,to the best of my knowledge bi's date women and when they leave the relationship they sometimes go back to guys.And no matter how protected they are always a chance of sexual transmitted diseases out there with multiply partner's.Your grrl wants Sushi and hot dogs lol the best of two worlds,just saying it appears that way but I'm only going on your insight's here and experience do not know either one of you.

I personally would not accept that for many reasons yes she may love you but she just thinks of herself and should consider your emotions if she loves you.Plus she is even living with you that will bring ongoing problems.

But remember you thought u could handle it but you cannot now.Move on and find a lesbian,my advisement to you.


mustluvdogsCR User is offline
2013-12-12 09:35:07

Hi ladies,
I have a question and I don't know where to ask so apologies if this is the wrong place. I broke up with my girlfriend after 8 months because she is sleeping with guys. She said it's just sex and she loves me. I knew she was bi-sexual when we started seeing each other and I thought I could handle her being with guys. Turns out I can't. I feel betrayed. She doesn't understand. Christmas is coming and I'm lonely and I miss her. Is anyone out there dating someone who is bisexual? Am I off base here? Is this normal bi woman to continue to sleep with guys but still live their girlfriends? I'm so confused.

2013-12-10 08:28:29

Sadness-just set up a new account and see this site has become a ghost town. Does anyone know of other sites that have a good sense of community?

2013-12-01 21:26:36

I can't seem to find 'super straight.com' it seems to be an ad site when I go there?

Yeah this place is pretty deserted.. :(

sexy39901 User is offline
2013-11-27 06:21:49

Good morning too u hot ladies

CoCogrrl_7West User is offline
2013-11-23 07:44:54

this site has been dead for awhile viciouslady1340
no one runs it any longer only the die hards still come here lol

Difficult to find a date here better off on another site really.

2013-11-23 00:52:57

Hey English single and looking.Anyone fancy a chat just give me a shout.I am looking for new friends and maybe more [if that ever elusive Miss Right appears] for when I arrive in Canada in May of next year.

2013-11-21 17:56:00

Whoah where did all the ladies go?? echo echo...Now I'm really pissed Hershe nov 11th .First Lick closes now this how's a girl to get a date around here?

2013-11-17 14:53:34

Hey guys! Just wondering if there are any single femme lesbians out there that live in or near Caledon or Bolton, Ontario :) If that's you, then please message me! ^^

CoCogrrl_7West User is offline
2013-11-13 13:12:55

Finally getting rest pussnbooty:)


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