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  Viewing profile for Charms

  Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Clause

Age: 47

Astrological sign:

Gender: Female

Sexuality: lesbian

Online status: OFFLINE Add user to buddy list

Last seen: 2014-04-09 09:37:05

This profile has been viewed 607 times.

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In my own words:
I'm a little bit country, and a little bit rock n roll... Lol!
I am intelligent, sane, witty, kind, a bit of a smart-ass and inquisitive.
I love animals, travel, learning new things, self improvement, gardening, advocacy,love to cook, bake, and am a bit of a foodie. I Used to be a pro athelete, but i retired from that and work for myself now. Love all things Japanese/Korean/Mexican, ok, let's say just say I like to learn about other cultures! Lol! I sing, play a few instruments, and love to laugh.
Oh ya, and I am a paranormal investigator, so if you are faint of heart.... Consider yourself warned! Lol

City:   Vancouver
Province/State: BC
Country:   Canada
Relationship desired:   friendship/conversation,activity buddy,online chat/messaging
Height   5 feet   3 inches   
Hair colour:   brown
Eye colour:   brown
My build:   a few extra pounds
Ethnicity:   Caucasian
Mannerisms:   feminine/femme
In or out?   totally out
Education:   some college/university
Employment:   self-employed,retired
Children:   has child(ren)
My idea of a fun date is:
Omgosh, so many things could be a fun date if u are with the right person. A big pot of clams and mussels, a loaf of French bread, bottle of red wine, and cooking it up over a Fire on the beach. (Are u even allowed to have fires on the beach any more?) Or Coffee downtown and ppl watching. Maybe some day I will see that guy again wearing a bat hat,and talking to Robin on his bat-thumb phone. (Rofl)
I like to talk about:
Anything deep and mysterious. The universe, higher dimensions, spirits, Family, pets, gardening, cooking, movies, music, artists, art, quantum physics, glitter, (Haha) and being goofy and corny.
My hobbies and interests include:
Almost everything. Ok, I don't really care to talk about plumbing. Or mean ppl. Or tragedies. ( I mean it's one thing to talk about stuff, but the way the media will replay an event over and over ......) what u think about- you bring about
For entertainment, I:
I can seriously entertain myself for hours on end. I'm goofy and silly and funny and I have an almost infinite capacity to be interested.
My friends would describe me as:
Hilarious, sarcastic, loving, kind,generous, goofy, corny, silly, sweet, honest. But I need my coffee in the morning, and I have a "wake me up before 8 am with no coffee in your hand, and I punch u in the throat" rule. Ok, it's not a rule. It's a 'guideline' lol!!! Ok, Im kidding. Sort of.... ;)

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