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  Viewing profile for SassyMsSweetcheeks

  Is there a happy medium between u-hauls and booty calls?

Age: 39

Astrological sign: Libra

Gender: Female

Sexuality: queer

Online status: OFFLINE Add user to buddy list

Last seen: 2014-07-30 07:31:03

This profile has been viewed 602 times.

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In my own words:
I'm a self-employed artistic workaholic with multiple jobs. I am passionate about everything I do, yet find it hard to get the time/money to go out and meet new people. I've been out of my previous long-term relationship for almost 5 months, and am curious about actually dating somebody again. Ideally I'd love a relationship where we both have our own lives, but converge from time to time to make eyes at each other over desserts, create art, wrestle in the park, or dance in the gentle rain... Like most people who I've met who've been long-term recently, I fear the clingy needy stuff that sometimes comes with serious relationships. I can be a hedonistic wild child, yet underneath it all I'm a big ole softy who loves it when people make my heart turn somersaults. Please be straight up- no cheaters, no mind games, and NO HETERO COUPLES (if it's a hot queer couple, maybe- I love a good queer orgy from time to time;)). I have yet to experience functional polyamory, but am not opposed to the idea. Lately the main thing I want is laughter, cuddles, excellent conversation, possibly some hot sex... If it evolves into something serious, cool, if we become friends, that's cool too. BTW- The brain is the most powerful sex organ in the body. I'm more likely to respond to you if you have a chatty profile and send me a message that's more engaging that 'wassup?'

City:   Vancouver
Province/State: BC
Country:   Canada
Relationship status:   what relationship?
Relationship desired:   long term,short term,sex/casual encounter,friendship/conversation,activity buddy,other
Height   5 feet   5 inches   
Hair colour:   red
Eye colour:   hazel
My build:   Curvy/voluptuous,athletic,muscular
Ethnicity:   Caucasian
Mannerisms:   feminine/femme
In or out?   totally out
Education:   completed high school,completed college/university
Employment:   part-time,self-employed
Children:   undecided/open
My idea of a fun date is:
Picnic in the park, wrestling in the grass, skinny dipping...Cooking you yummy food, talking all night, walking our dogs at the park... Eating pizza on the beach, drinking and cuddling. Karaoke at a divey eastside bar. Getting glammed up and dancing the night away, rowdy rock concerts,poetry slams, burlesque/drag/performance art nights, going to the circus. Passionate necking, making out, public sex, shenanigans... I'm open to suggestion- the more playful and spontaneous, the better. BTW- just because this is a personals ad doesn't mean you have to only contact me if there's a romantic interest/attraction. As somebody who's been on the outskirts of the queer community (aside from getting naked at Diva's Den whenever possible), I need to make friends. Walking into a bar or an event alone and not knowing who to sit next to can be incredibly intimidating. If I could connect with some wing people, or a really fun posse to go out with, that would make me incredibly happy.
I like to talk about:
All kinds of stuff... My favorite conversations are a perfect mash-up of silliness and smarts.
My hobbies and interests include:
Design, visual art, music, circus performance, fitness, yoga, 420, cheese, chocolate, funky hair, pugs, burlesque, drag, performance art, lighting farts on fire, laughter, wine, food, cooking, crafts, using my powers for good (and perhaps for mischief), knitting, sewing, activism, painting, making parodies of songs that suck, dancing, climbing tall things, cuddles...
For entertainment, I:
See hobbies and interests.
My friends would describe me as:
A shy extrovert with a sense of humor and a lot of heart. I'm always making things or doing something with my hands. Sometimes I think too much.

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