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  Viewing profile for skippy

  wanna fight some crime?

Age: 38

Astrological sign: Taurus

Gender: Female

Sexuality: gay

Online status: OFFLINE Add user to buddy list

Last seen: 2018-02-14 19:29:46

This profile has been viewed 724 times.

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In my own words:
girls. digital cameras. ginger ale. coffee. cheese. puppies. fresh-cut grass. swimming pools on hot days. the way vancouver smells after a summer rain. the mountains. the internet. low cut backs on dresses. a clean house. the feel of clean sheets. the smell of soap on your skin. hot salsa. falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing. laying on your back in a warm bed with your girlfriend's head on your shoulder. a well-timed swear word, where no other word would quite do the trick. sarcasm. well-worn jeans. clever friends. adrenaline. weekends at the cottage. blogs. fishing. the feeling you get in your stomach when you realize you're talking to a really cute girl. really loud thunderstorms. new business ideas. flirting. working up a good sweat. meteor showers. finding constellations. gentle kisses. hard kisses. kissing. fast cars. unconditional love. vodka. beer. wine. sunsets. being alone. being together. random facts. thin, white flowing curtains in the summer breeze. frequent flier miles. surfing. rugby. softball. boxing. kayaking. camping. cottaging. bonfires on the beach. sex on the beach. anything on the beach. letting somebody else go first. texas hold-em and beers and cigars with friends. palm trees. house, lounge, triphop, ambient music. the way a girl's hair smells. being commended on a job well-done. letting go of grudges. forgiving people who never knew they wronged you. forgiveness. flip flops. surfboards. bikinis. tan lines. somebody you can count on to be there for you. people who honestly, earnestly want to do a good job. thai. indian. travel. hot climates. shorts, and toned legs.

travel addict. adventure fiend. sucker for a pretty face. solid friend. expert grilled cheese maker. passionate. volunteer junkie. addicted to good pens. fights for the underdog. rugger. boxer. softballer. restless. perfectionist. complicated. web geek. versatile yet stable. knowledge seeker. lover of the coast. will conquer the world one day.

City:   Toronto
Province/State: ON
Country:   Canada
Relationship status:   seeing someone special
Height   5 feet   2 inches   
Hair colour:   blonde
Eye colour:   brown
My build:   average,athletic
Ethnicity:   Caucasian
Mannerisms:   in the middle
In or out?   totally out
Education:   some college/university
Employment:   full-time,professional slacker
Children:   undecided/open
Tattoos:   none
Piercings:   yes
Smoking:   no
Drinking:   socially
Drug use:   not my thing
Sports I am interested in are:
Rugby, cycling, boxing, softball, racquetball, camping, canoeing, kayaking.
In my spare time I enjoy:
Learning about new topics - when I discover a new interest, I want to know everything about it. Pushing myself to do more - I love taking on challenges and like to stay busy. Volunteering with organizations that are important to me. Working on this website.
My favourite food is:
Thai and Indian.
When it comes to tattoos and piercings, I:
realize that piercings aren't very friendly for the sports I enjoy, but definitely appreciate them (and tattoos) on other bodies.

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